Monday, March 21, 2011

Afternoon odds & ends: Welcome Kindle Edition readers! Rogers Media releases CityNews; new Mac OS update

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Rogers Media, the major Canadian media company, has released an interesting universal app today, their first news app.

CityNews is the first iOS app released under the Rogers Media name, in that it represents Rogers Broadcasting Limited. Rogers Publishing, however, had previously released an app for its magazine Maclean's.

There are a couple of things that makes this one of interest. First, and I rarely say this, this one is really snappy on the iPad. While the app looks a lot like the NYT or Financial Times app, and is RSS feed driven, it just feels real quick when navigating. Also, although this is, as I said, a universal app, the iPhone version feels a bit different than the iPad version simply by utilizing a subtle difference in layouts. Both apps, for instance, give you weather and traffic, but the fact that those are included on the bottom of the mobile app gives it a different feel.
Rogers Media released this app without making this app AirPlay-enabled for video streaming, and odd choice for a broadcasting company. I suppose, like print publishers handicapping their web and app products to protect print, the broadcasters may have felt that they would prefer users watch their Citytv station rather than streaming video via the app.

As you can see from the screenshot, my Apple TV shows up in the app, but it will only stream the audio. Nonetheless, if you live in Toronto, or simply want to keep up with local news, the release ofd this app will be much appreciated, though the app is so new I do not see any reviews for it in either the Canadian or US app stores.

If you recently bought a new MacBook Pro, lucky you, you would be well advised to check your Software Update today and download the 10.6.7 Update. While the update is supposed to be for all Mac users with the latest OS (Snow Leopard) it appears to be especially important for MacBook Pro users who have encountered problems with their new computers.

For what it is worth: I cleared off a bunch of apps off my iPad. Despite deleting more than a dozen apps I still have more than 11 GB worth of apps on my tablet. In comparison, I have only 1 GB of music, thanks to being able to access the iTunes library on my computer through Home Sharing.