Monday, March 14, 2011

Apple begins to promote AirPlay-enabled apps

Guessing that AirPlay will become a big deal with iPad and iPhone owners, and it will, Apple has created a section of its iTunes App Store to showcase apps that are AirPlay-enabled. (AirPlay apps allow their users to stream content from their mobile devices to an Apple TV for watching on their televisions, or listening to content through their stereos.
Newsy released an update to its app this weekend and now users can stream the news analysis videos to their televisions (through an Apple TV). Newsy is not one of the apps listed on the page, unfortunately, but it should be.

The first app that appears to have been enabled was from ESPN the Magazine for iPad -- it lists its last update as March 2, well ahead of AirVideo, which I assumed was one of the first apps to add AirPlay capability.
One of the newer apps updated comes from Major League Soccer. MLS MatchDay 2011 is an universal app that has now been AirPlay-enabled just in time for the new season which starts tomorrow. The app is free to download and comes with video highlights that can be streamed to an Apple TV. But the app also contains the ability to buy live matches through an in-app purchase -- which means, of course, that Apple will be getting their cut. Think about that one for a second, Apple is now getting a cut of sporting event revenue thanks to the launch of its iOS devices.

MLS has also released an Android app, as well. But as you can see, if you follow the link, the app is meant for Android mobile phones, not for tablets, and there is no live-game streaming.

But responding to a comment on the MLS website, Chris Schlosser, Director of Digital Strategy at Major League Soccer, said it will come eventually. "We will bring live video to Android as soon as Google updates their systems to enable in app purchase and live streaming...3.0 should allow this," wrote Schlosser.