Monday, March 21, 2011

Brands see tablet publishing through apps as another way to reach consumers, unfiltered by the media

Here is another example of a brand launching an iPad app as part of their marketing efforts, the B2B example being the John Deere Mower Match app looked at last week.
The Crisco Mobile app comes in two flavors: Crisco Mobile is for the iPhone, and Crisco Mobile HD is for the iPad. Both apps are free for consumers to download, of course. The iPhone app was originally released last month and works pretty well on your phone.

The iPad version (the screenshots you see here) doesn't add anything other than scaling up the resolution for the tablet display. In fact, what makes sense on a phone ends up being a bit strange on a tablet in that the app only works in portrait (makes sense on an iPhone display) but then viewing video is in landscape (of course). On a phone this seems natural, but on a tablet it is cumbersome to have to turn your iPad around every time you want to see a video.
Having said that, there is quite a number of nice little features here that you can check out if you are so interested.

But the point of posting about product apps is not to review them but to continue to point out that many consumer product manufacturers are beginning to see the opportunity available to them to market their products directly using mobile and tablet platforms. Once again, like the web, most publishers have decided to not get directly involved with development, meaning that they can not assist their advertisers. The money spent here, on this app, has to come out of some marketing budget -- odds are it will come out of print (though it is bound to vary from company to company).

Crisco, for the record, is owned by The J.M. Smucker Company, which is also listed as the 'seller' of the app. For those interested in Android, I did not see any equivalent apps in the Android Market website.