Thursday, March 3, 2011

Colbert wonders why those palm trees were trucked into Wisconsin -- must be a plot by those violent janitors

We'll let Stephen Colbert provide TNM readers with a little levity this morning. But his point is actually a serious one: if the teachers, janitors, policemen and firefighters are as violent as Fox News says they are, then maybe there would be some news about, you know, violence.

Instead, those on the ground in Madison are in total agreement, Fox News notwithstanding, no one can remember a protest less violent, with so few arrests, and with the police and the protesters apparently, and justifiably, on the same side of the argument. (I was there a week ago and could see no signs of violence, and that was despite the presence of about 2,000 bussed in Tea Party activists.)

Any way, here you go, a little Colbert Report: