Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Congress releases app! Or was it the Republicans?

Ya gotta be kidding me, this is an app from the Congress of the United States? Looking like it was designed by a 12 year-old developer, a new universal app for the Committee on Ways and Means is a spartan app that contains lots of press releases and opening statements from committee members, but not much actual news. Oh, and one other thing: it only contains this content from Republicans.
The age of "app as propaganda"® is upon us.

How is it that the Congress could allow an app like this to be released that is completely partisan? Is this a trend? or a mistake?

In any case, this might be the worst app in the iTunes App Store, rivaling this one for most worthless and inappropriate. It is also a waste of the taxpayer's money -- which is ironic since it is coming from folk who say they want to cut our waste.

The good news: there is no Android app at this time.