Friday, March 25, 2011

End of week odds & ends: Apple issues iOS update and wins trade ruling; NYT updates iPhone app, adds blogs

Owners of iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) were encouraged today to download a new operating system update that is designed to fix a number bugs found in the recently released 4.3 update.
The mobile OS update fixes at least two major problems users have encountered: problems related to "activating and connecting to some cellular networks" and problems with Apple's new Digital AV Adapter. Owners have complained that on some television sets they have experienced flickering when mirroring the displays of their new tablets.

The New York Times today released an updated version of its iPhone app -- we're now on version 3.0.0, meaning, I suppose that the company considers this a major revision.

The app now allows users to swipe between articles instead of returning to the menu. The media property also added yet more content including its blogs.

According to the description, the iPhone version now will stream push notifications to users now, even if the app is closed -- a feature that has been found in the iPad version for a while now. The push notifications can be turned off, of course, by accessing the option in Settings.

There have been a number of complaints already published in the App Store, however, related to the new version of the app missing font size adjustment capabilities. It appears that these reviews are right wrong -- the font being used is very small and will certainly force the use of glasses for many. (Update: the app does have font controls -- large or small -- though I would agree with some of the reviewers that the font default size is small.)

The description retains its warning that "Unlimited access to all sections is free until early 2011" -- we know, we know.

There was some good news late this afternoon for Apple as Reuters reports that Apple has won a ruling from a judge at the International Trade Commission that it did not violate five Nokia patents.

Meanwhile, the lawsuits continue.