Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ill-advised update for CBS News for iPad released

Saying that their new app update fixes a problem where the app crashes upon launch, the CBS News for iPad app now . . . crashes upon launch.
This is actually a common problem with app updates and can be solved by first deleting the old app, as The Daily has discovered with several of its app updates. Unfortunately, CBS has not discovered this yet and therefore the advice is not mentioned in the new app description. (As a result, the first couple of new reviews are very harsh indeed!)

But the real problem with this app is that knowing that iOS 4.3 was coming (it's even mentioned in the "What's New" section) why didn't CBS incorporate AirPlay streaming? (though the video tags can, I believe, be added on the server side of things) Maybe the reason was that they were trying to fix some other bugs.

Look for another app update very soon.