Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Marquard Média Magyarország releases tablet-only special edition of Éva magazine for Easter

I will admit that looking at foreign language media apps presents some special challenges. Americans are notoriously bad at other languages, and Google Translation will only get you so far. But there are some really interesting things being done with media apps overseas, and this newly released from Hungarian media company Marquard Média Magyarország is certainly no exception.
Éva is a woman's magazine launched in 2007 by Marquand Media Hungary, a subsidiary of Marquand Media of Zug, Switzerland (that town should ring a bell with those that watched 60 Minutes this Sunday - Zug is the town showcased that is used as a tax haven by hundreds of US companies seeking to avoid US corporate taxes).

Marquand Media generally licenses such as InStyle, Joy, Shape and Playboy, but Éva was specially created for the domestic market in Hungary, however.

This first tablet edition is not a replica edition of one of the issues but is instead a special edition published for the Easter holiday. The free app creates a library where the reader can then download the current special issue for free. I would assume that the publisher will then use this app to release other editions of the magazine whether they are special editions or versions of the print edition -- we'll see.
The Easter issue is a painful download, weighing in at 458 MB. Like many of the magazine apps that contain such hefty issues, there is an archiving option built into the app.

The tablet edition of Éva is packed with audio and video, and can be read in portrait and landscape with some variation in content between the two orientations. In this way, this app will remind you of many of the Condé Nast Digital apps -- big, tour-de-forces of the tablet publishing art.

So far the reaction to the app has been 100 percent positive inside the Hungarian App Store -- and yes, there is an Hungarian App Store, though Apple doesn't make much accommodation to the language differences. But readers are no doubt thrilled to see an Hungarian publishers go all out on an iPad edition of a domestic magazine. (The nearest Apple store would be 918 miles away in Bergamo, Italy.)

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