Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Morning Brief: Mashable's Cashmore shows off the new in-house sales team; city magazine launches tablet edition

It makes a publisher smile to see someone proudly showing off their new in-house sales team. That is CEO Pete Cashmore did late yesterday afternoon on his website Mashable as he announced the hiring of industry vet Ken Detlet to the Mashable sales team.

Detlet, formerly veep of sales at Ziff Davis and head of national sales at Gannett Digital, will lead the new sales operation at the social and digital media news site.

Prior to building out their own sales team, Mashable worked with Federated Media, which will still work with Mashable on a limited basis until the summer. Then, presumably, all sales will be handled in-house. (Visualize me applauding.)

Other members of the team mentioned in the Cashmore post were Lauren Rubin, global director of sales, Andrew Reedman, U.S. director of sales, Tamar Weinberg, community support and advertising manager, and Brie Manakul, ad ops manager. Cashmore ends his post with mentioning that Mashable is hiring regional sales reps for New York and San Francisco -- go for it.

(AdAge's Irina Slutsky wrote about the move on Monday. Cashmore is quoted in their story as saying "We want to stand on our own two feet and we have the critical mass that we need to stand alone. We've reached scale and got the editorial up to a quality and a structure that we wanted."

Mobile and tablet media apps get released all the time, of course, and while I try to post about the new launches from major US media companies, that means that many other apps sometimes get downloaded and installed, but posts are never written (is that a run-on sentence?).

Take this city magazine, for instance. Barcelona deluxe magazine is a replica copy from VIP Media Press (also known as Le CITY deluxe -- it's all rather confusing).

This free, one assumes, will be the first in a series of tablet editions as the publisher produces similar magazines for other cities such as Madrid, Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc.
These are magazines about and for the rich. The Le CITY deluxe website pretty much shows you want is on their minds: diamond encrusted iPhone cases, Academy Awards red carpet shots, perfume, liquor, etc. It's all rather trite, and with the active war the wealthy seem to be engaging in against the middle class, rather disturbing.

I suppose the point of interest here is that the magazine is half in English, half in Spanish, allowing interested readers from Beverly Hills or Lake Forest to plan their next excursions.