Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Morning Brief: Workers return to crippled nuclear plant; US loses jet in Libya; cities gage impact of AT&T merger

If you are just checking into work and want a quick review of what is going in the world, here you go:

Japan: Repair crews return to nuclear plant as Japan's disaster toll rises - LA Times
Nearly 10,000 people are now confirmed dead, with more than 13,000 missing as a result of the March 11 tragedy, Japan's national police agency reported late Tuesday.

Libya: US Warplane Crashes in Libya; Pilots Safe - WSJ
"As we are successful in suppressing the air defenses, the level of kinetic activity should decline…I assume in the next few days," Mr. Gates told reporters after meeting with his Russian counterpart in Moscow.

AT&T: Proposed wireless merger likely to impact Austin - Austin American-Statesman
"The AT&T labs in Austin are going to be front and center in the industry," Gillott said. That's because any device the labs say doesn't meet its testing standards will be shut out of a larger part of the U.S. market.

More AT&T: PhillyInc: 'Massive river of data' going through AT&T command center -- Philadelphia Inquirer
"A lot of us don't think about once we hit 'send,' what happens? It's just magic. And that's a good thing," said Tiffany Baehman, vice president and general manager of the Greater Philadelphia market for AT&T...There was little magic in evidence on the tour of the Philadelphia command center, but lots of noisy, brute-force technology that keeps a large part of AT&T's network running.