Monday, March 28, 2011

New York Times paywall up, TNM climbs right over

That was easy: TNM is up and over the new New York Times paywall, thanks to Lincoln and their marketing offer. (That mean, I suppose, TNM readers will be able to view all NYT stories linked from this site.)

For others today is the day that the company said it would launch its metered paywall, and at 2:00 ET today in the US (last week in Canada) the paywall was up.

The NYT system went live on the 17th -- that was not only the day when those in Canada were subject to the paywall, but that the back-end of the system could record subscriptions (I'm guessing). As you can see from the screenshot below, my own subscription was recorded that day thanks to clicking on an ad that was delivered to me -- a promotion with Lincoln where the ad is delivered to 200,000 frequent users of the NYT website (I believe my ad was seen on my iPad). I've blurred my subscriber number, though I doubt that was necessary.

To introduce the new approach to web readers the publisher, Arthur Sulzberger, has posted a letter on the website:

As I have said previously, the introduction of digital subscriptions is an investment in our future. It will allow us to develop new sources of revenue to strengthen our ability to continue our journalistic mission as well as undertake digital innovations that will enable us to provide you with high-quality journalism on whatever device you choose.
Sulzberger then goes on to explain the details of the plan, emphasizing that print subscribers will continue to enjoy free access to electronic versions of the newspaper.