Monday, March 14, 2011

Newsy updates its iOS apps to take advantage of AirPlay

The video news app Newsy has updated its iOS apps to make them AirPlay enabled, taking advantage of the recent Apple mobile operating system upgrade.
Apple's iOS 4.3 upgrade allows third party developers to incorporate AirPlay into their apps, where prior to the update only Apple apps could use the streaming feature. AirPlay allows iPad, iPhone and iPod touch owners to stream audio and video content directly to their Apple TVs in order to enjoy the content on their televisions.

"We wanted to enable Airplay because our video news content works great on both mobile devices and Apple TV. Newsy is dedicated to providing our viewers multisource video news where, when and how they want it,” Newsy President Jim Spencer said in the company's release.

The addition of AirPlay is a natural for Newsy. Although its videos work great on the iPad's large display, using AirPlay is a great way to share the content with others. Additionally, many iPhone and iPod touch users will prefer to stream their videos to their big screen TVs rather than watch them on their mobile devices.

Here is a promotional video, and like Newsy itself, it has a bit of an amateurish look, I'm afraid. The reason for this may be that Newsy videos look more natural on smaller mobile screens rather than the iPad or now on your television: