Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Progressive downloads and AirPlay compatibility added to updated media apps from Project, Financial Times, others

Media companies continue to issue updates to their iOS apps, adding AirPlay support, and in some cases, progressive download capability, to assist readers in accessing their new magazine issues quicker.
Project Magazine, the tablet-only monthly from Virgin Digital Publishing, will be releasing a new issue tomorrow. Today, however, they unveiled another update (we are on version 1.30, if you are counting) that added progressive downloads, some bug fixes, and more importantly, served as a marketing opportunity. After all, while it may seem bad for a software company to always have to issue updates to their software, there is actually some good reasons to issue an update of a media app, other than just to fix bugs. Every update grabs the attention of the reader and reminds them that you are there. Besides, iOS users generally love updates -- it means more goodies.

Other updates include the Financial Times iPad Edition which just fixed some bugs, and the IMDb Movies & TV app, which is now AirPlay-enabled so that users can watch the trailers on their televisions through streaming to an Apple TV.
The NCAA March Madness On Demand app was also updated following complaints about video quality.

Finally, Inkling, an interactive textbook platform, as issued a major update (now version 1.3). The update, according to the app description, contains stability and performance fixes.

But the Inkling update also contains some major additions, as well: a new video player, direct chapter-to-chapter navigation, support for backgrounding, improvements to the way the Spine responds to gestures, etc.

Update: Add Fandango Movies to the list of updated app that are now AirPlay-enabled. This was an obvious one since the app contains movie trailers.