Monday, March 28, 2011

Some app updates, and a correction: NPR for iPad adds AirPlay support, USA Today app update, NYT app fonts

First a correction: late on Friday I mentioned that the New York Times had released an update for its iPhone app and that some early comments in iTunes were not very positive. In particular, reviewers complained of the small default type size (true) and that the font adjustment had been eliminated. That part, font adjustment, was not true, it's there, just in a different spot and in pretty dark type itself. Just thought I'd set the record straight.

App Updates:
Late this afternoon the NPR for iPad app, another of those excellent apps developed by Bottle Rocket, has been updated.

The update brings the app up to date with iOS 4.3 support and makes the app AirPlay-enabled -- which in this case doesn't involve video but does now allow the app to stream its revenue to an Apple TV. The app will also pause all audio if the users headphones are removed -- a feature that is convenient the headphones come out accidentally, though terribly inconvenient if one really wants to use the speakers.

Other minor app updates today included the USA TODAY for iPad app, which just lists some bug fixes, and the CBC News universal app, which does the same.