Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Update: Twitter releases another app update

A quick update to this post from earlier today where I talk about the dangers of not being prepared to quickly update your media app when things go wrong. In the case of Twitter, it was adding a feature that was universally panned by users -- Quick Bar.

Now I see that Twitter has issued an update this evening to their update. The new app is supposed to "fix bugs", but might be just standard language. It also mentions "Updated Quick Bar default behavior to not overlap tweets in timeline" -- that might be the fix users have requested, we will see. I still haven't updated this app, though, since I am perfectly happy with the old version.

Another thing: the iTunes App Store shows the app update being released on "Mar. 09, 2011". That's a bit strange, isn't it, or does Apple use GMT as it's standard? If so, happy birthday to me!