Thursday, March 24, 2011

WordPress adds iPad feature: gives your blog a Flipboard-like look through the iPad's Safari browser

WordPress has added a new feature that allows users of to create a Flipboard-like look to their blogs.
To add the feature a blogger would go to "Appearance" and click on "iPad" in the Dashboard.

Announced on the WordPress Weblog, the new feature is the result of WordPress working with Onswipe, a New York start-up founded by Jason L. Baptiste and Andres Barreto. Onswipe has also made a plug-in available for self-hosted sites that use

One thing I am not clear about, however, is whether the new look will be visible to all web browsers, or if the design sniffs out that it is being rendered on an iPad and only renders the blog with this design there. Someone will have let me know.

One of the biggest regrets I have about TNM is that it wasn't self-hosted and using WordPress from day one. With WordPress one gets the definitely feeling that there are actual human beings behidn the work. Why Google hides behind its firewall is beyond me. It is one of the reasons I am very skeptical when I hear so-called media experts talk about Apple being "closed" while Google is "open" -- clearly the person making the claim has never actually worked with either company (and is mostly likely safely ensconced away in academia).

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Tablazines said...

This is a progression of Jason's very first iPad plugin.. Padpressed which was what I was originally going to launch our publications with until I came across Alligator.

I like this new version of the plugin (OnSwipe) a lot but I miss a few of the things that were in Pad Pressed.

I'm planning on launching something with OnSwipe soon. I was originally going to use Treesaver for my online publication.. but they haven't finished updating the instructions.