Monday, April 4, 2011

Bonnier releases Mag+ tablet publishing tools for use by publishers; software works with Adobe Air, InDesign

Magazine publishing firm Bonnier has announced that it is spinning off Moving Media+ and that the new separate company has released its Mag+ tablet publishing system for use by other publishers.

To get started a publisher needs to visit the website (you can click on the logo here in this story) to register with the company. After confirming your contact information you will soon be downloading the MagPlus software.
The installation instructions are included in the download, but are fairly simple: the users must have the latest version of Adobe Air, and should keep the MapgPlus folder on their desktop in order to then install the plug-in into Adobe InDesign's plug-in folder. Then the user continues by installing the MagProd file as well as the iPad Reviewer file (very easy, believe me). Other than registering your iPad with the Mag+ team in order to activate the device for app reviewing, that is about it. An installation and application introduction PDF are included with the software.

"Mag+ puts creative people back in the driving seat – where they belong, Fredrik Strömberg, Moving Media+ Head of Concept said in the company's announcement. "Now designers and editors can get on with the business of producing beautiful work on tablets, without relying on the technical side of the house at every step.”
Publishers who use the application pay at the end of the process, when they are ready to launch their magazine app. The cost is $2500 and allows the user to publish for five months. After that, the cost is $500 per issue, or $500 per month for unlimited publishing.

For entrepreneurial publishers, the cost will be a bit of a burden until they get up to speed. But for small to mid-sized publishing houses, the platform might be a good deal, especially if the cost is spread over multiple titles.

Bonnier is using the platform on its titles Popular Science+, Transworld Snowboarding+, while IDG’s MacWorld is also on the platform.


Tablazines said...

I've downloaded this and will be playing with it for sure.

Just have to upgrade to CS5 now...

Unknown said...

Interesting you should mention that (CS5) because I left out one detail from the story: this works with both CS4 and CS5.