Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bottom's Up: here's a new product that's truly appreciated

No, this post has absolutely nothing to do with New Media, which undoubtedly will make it the most popular post this week:

Readers of TNM might know that I am a Giants fan – San Francisco Giants, that is. Last year was a good year to be a Giants fan, but there are other reasons other than a once-in-56-years World Series win.

For instance, there is the city itself, America's most beautiful, there is Silicon Valley, two world-class universities nearby, the wine country, etc.
Then there is AT&T Park, which once used to be called PacBell Park, and is sometimes referred to as China Basin, in honor of its South Beach location. The park is not only one of those retro-parks where the fans are close to the action, but is located right on the bay as you can see here.

No park in America features as many smells: whether it is illegal smoking material, or the famous garlic fries. The park also is known for some of the best beer to be found in any ballpark in America. Any place that can offer SF's own Anchor Stream, as well the full range of beers from Gordon Biersch beats those watered down brews found at most parks.

And now there is this, which has to be seen to be believed. From a company called Bottoms Up, there beer distribution system makes standing in line to get a beer a thing of the past, well worth watching:

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Lee Folger said...

Outstanding. Especially if an Anchor Steam, Sierra Nevada or Gordon Biersch is involved.