Thursday, April 14, 2011

Condé Nast Digital Britain releases its first tablet edition for LOVE Magazine with, well, a bit of a problem

During my days in advertising in the newspaper business it was fairly common for some small business to think itself really creative by submitting to the paper an ad that was to be printed upside down. The client was always surprised to learn that we had a policy against such ads. Almost always the client backed down and the ad would run right-side-up. Then, of course, weeks later we'd get a call from the client asking why his ad was rejected but the ad on Page X was allowed to run upside down – we'd sheepishly explain that the ad in question wasn't supposed to run that way but was the result of a production error.
I was reminded of this today when I opened up this app from Condé Nast Digital Britain. With my iPad in landscape the app opened up to an animation that was, I thought, upside down. Oops, I thought, I better grab my iPad and make the accelerometer adjust. Nope.

OK, let's delete the app and see if it was an install issue. Nope. So I opened up other magazine apps to confirm that this wasn't the fault of my tablet, they were fine. Yikes. (Just as bad is the introductory music that sounds like an old cassette left out in the sun too long.)

Since this app has zero reviews in either the US or UK app stores, I don't know what's going on here. But if your publication ever gets an ad from Condé Nast you might want to warn them that you have a policy against upside down ads.