Monday, April 25, 2011

Fragmentation of Android market one of the biggest obstacles facing publishers

I've been a bit incapacitated today, which explains the lack of new posts. But in the meantime I've been reading about Barnes & Noble's conversion of the Nook into an Android tablet – I'm not terribly impressed.
This is all good news for eReader users, mind you. Now Nook owners can download some apps for their eReader and have some sort of tablet experience. But Nook owners won't have access to the Android Market, limiting them to an extremely small number of apps.

The problem for publishers is not just the number of app stores for the Android platform – the Android Market, app stores from Amazon and now Barnes & Noble – the problem comes in having different Android apps optimized for versions of Android and different flavors of Android tablets.

But this may be, at least for now, what the future will look like on the Android platform, and it's probably good news for vendors who like to sell publishers their digital publishing solutions.