Thursday, April 14, 2011

Geek report: a look at some TNM website stats

Every once in a while it is nice to do a little navel gazing and share some of the site stats here, they are often rather surprising.
Looking at the operating systems of readers of Talking New Media I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise that most readers are accessing the site through a device using Windows. But the Mac OS accounts for almost 40 percent of readers, and when iOS is included the numbers almost, but not quite reach Windows.

Over ten percent of TNM readers are now accessing the website via an iPad, no other tablet registers at this time. iPhone users of the website are less than one percent, but that is probably because they are being diverted to the mobile site, which is hosted by MoFuse, and so are not registering unless they intentionally select the option to return to the regular website.

Lastly, over 28.6 percent of all readers of TNM are using Safari to access the site, the number one browser thanks to both Mac and iPad users. Number two is Firefox at 27.5 percent, and Chrome is now the third most used browser, at just over 20 percent. Internet Explorer has dropped to fourth, though almost exactly at the same level as Chrome.