Friday, April 29, 2011

HBO releases new streaming service app simultaneously for both iOS and Android platforms

Want to avoid the 24/7 coverage of the royal wedding? (Ten bonus points if you don't know what this refers to.) Then you are in luck as HBO has released its streaming service app today for both Apple iOS platform, as well as Android.
HBO GO is a much anticipated video streaming app because it promises access to programming even over 3G. (iTunes link here, Android Market link here)

Android tablet users might be disappointed that the app does not appear to be optimized for Honeycomb, but at least it was released on the same day as the iOS app.

The app is not a revolutionary move away from the cable companies, however. Users must sign-in to their accounts through the app – in my case Comcast's Xfinity service – in order to gain access to the programming.

My own experience with the app has been really good so far: video quality is great on WiFi, that's for sure. I'll play around with 3G later.

If you subscribe to HBO there is simply no reason not to download the app: it's free, it works, and I'm sure it will come in handy on trips.

But for HBO this app is a very good idea. I was wondering whether to continue HBO. But with Treme back for a second season, and now this app, well, I guess they will continue to get my business for a while longer.

Left: The sign-in page where users can sign-in to their existing accounts, or buy a subscription through the app; Right: the program player, in this case for the HBO series Treme.