Monday, April 4, 2011

Livestation becomes AirPlay-enabled with new update

The online television streaming service LiveStation has updated its iOS app today. The update now makes the iPhone/iPad app Airplay-enabled, which means that owners of the app can now stream the video content to their Apple TV devices for watching on their television sets.
Livestation is a free app from the company of the same name that gives users the ability to watch live television on their tablet or phone from a limited, but important, selection of programmers such as Al Jazeera English, NASA TV, France 24, Press TV, BBC Arabic and others.

While the number of channels is small, Livestation is one of the few ways consumers in the US can watch Al Jazeera English which has proved itself invaluable in following events in Egypt, Libya and Côte d'Ivoire. The importance of making their app Airplay-enabled is that now there will be a way to watch these channels without having to rely on a cable or satellite provider since those companies currently do not offer this channel.

The app update also greatly improves the look of the app on the iPad. Previously the channel selection page only worked in portrait, showing that the app had been developed for the iPhone. The quality of the video streams is still fairly pixelated, but at least now the user does not need to turn their tablet around to watch content.

There is not a Livestation app currently in the Android Market, though I did find an Al Jazeera app in Google's app store.