Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Media app updates: BtoB magazine (yeah, already), Google improves look of its iOS Books app

Ya gotta be kidding, I write about two apps this morning, and within a couple of minutes one app is updated and the other pulled. What a morning.
The BtoB magazine app, discussed just this morning, and was released on Friday, has already been updated. The update to this universal app really helps the experience on the iPad. Previously, the app opened to a splash page in portrait. But now the app opens, when in landscape, to a horizontal library page.

And although the app description doesn't mention it, it appears that the app now has notifications, as well.

Google has updated its Google Books universal app. The updated app has added landscape reading now which makes the app a far better experience. A number of other technical fixes are also included in the update including speed performance improvements, 3-D page turning (current iOS 4.3 required), and communications improvements.

I still prefer the Kindle app for reading on my iPad, as well as Apple's own iBooks app, but this update is a step in the right direction.