Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Morning Brief: Japan raises nuclear crisis level; mobile coupon clipper acquired, launched last year

Japanese authorities today raised the crisis level at its Fukushima Daiichi power plant to the highest level, seven, the same as was applied to the Chernobyl disaster. Despite the raises measure of severity, Japanese officials say the amount of radioactivity leaking from the plant is far less than what occurred at the Chernobyl.

"This is a preliminary assessment, and is subject to finalisation by the International Atomic Energy Agency," said the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, Reuters reported.

Reuters also reported early today (in Japan) that a fire had been seen at the nuclear facility, though the flames were only seen for a short time.

"Flames and smoke are no longer visible but we are awaiting further details regarding whether the fire has been extinguished completely," a spokesman for the plant operator said early today.

Mobile app maker, Peekaboo Mobile, was acquired by nSphere one year after the company was launched. Peekaboo Mobile makes apps that let users find coupons for companies near the user.
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Peekaboo Mobile has been partnering with location shopping publisher "Where". This is the kind of non-editorial content best suited for local newspapers, but because the vast majority of newspaper apps are simple RSS driven editorial products a giant hole has been created in the market that is allowing developers to walk right in. (In other words, once again newspaper companies are surrendering a part of their business, in this case, local retail. The anti-app crowd are winning the day, and developers are getting rich because of it.)

Penton Medis this morning announced that it is launching a marketing division aimed at providing its business-to-business customers with content marketing, digital media solutions and sales sales optimization tools, according to its statement.

Penton Marketing Services will be run by Kim Paulsen, Penton Media Senior Vice President. George Assimakopoulos, who was CEO of the recently acquired EyeTraffic Media, will serve as the division’s Vice President of Digital Media Services.

According to Penton Media CEO Sharon Rowlands, the move is being made after the company surveyed 4,000 of its customers and found frustration with web lead generation and a lack of knowledge about how best to use social media.

"Marketers are clamoring for new solutions to grow their businesses and they want providers intimately familiar with their industry segment,” said Sharon Rowlands, Penton Media CEO.