Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A request for a template: redesign time at TNM

It has a little over one year and three months since Talking New Media launched. This website was launched as a way of communicating what I had learned in 30 years of newspaper, magazine and online publishing, while at the same time having a reason to learn more about the new electronic publishing platforms that had launched, or would launch.

But I made many bad choices when I launched this site -- no need to go through the long list right now.

But one thing for sure is that I am not really a "blogger", I'm a news man. But in the blogger format each story follows the previous one -- this is not the way a journalist would design a website.

So now I want to do a redesign, but one that will keep me on blogger -- at least for now. What I need is a template that has one spot at the top for a main story, with categories below. But I need the side columns similar to what is here now.

I have searched, and searched, and search -- but have been very unsatisfied with the results. The closest template I've found has a slideshow in the top spot that shows three to five pictures/stories. I need this spot to be a single story, probably its own category.

Anybody have any ideas?

[Oh, and by the way, I've received good news from Apple. I'll explain tomorrow.]