Monday, April 18, 2011

Rockfish Interactive creates iPad app for weekly hobbyist publication Coin World with two in-app purchase options

After looking at lots of replica editions of magazines, or those God-awful flipbooks that newspaper publishers can't seem to get enough of, one feel completely without hope that their are creative publishers left in our industry. Then a last minute check of the App Store veals a diamond in the rough.
Amos Press has released a very nice tablet edition for its publication Coin World. Coin World is a weekly publication for coin collectors and the publisher maintains an interesting website chock full of medium rectangle ads (makes a publisher very happy).

That same website was prepared for the appearance of the new app in Apple's App Store because right there on the homepage is an ad for the new iPad app that takes you to a whole new section of the site to explain the app.

As for the app itself, Coin World for iPad is not just a free way to access the editorial content of the publication or website. Instead, the publisher has thought through what they wanted to offer users, and how they would justify the cost of producing the app. In fact, the editorial content is probably the least interesting part of the app. The articles appear using cover flow, familiar to iTunes users.

Left: the cover flow way of accessing articles; Right: the in-app purchase prompt for Coin Values.

The real meat of the app are the non-editorial features: the dealer locator, essentially a directory of dealers; the Marketplace where readers can browse through coins and make purchases by bringing up the browser; an events calendar, another database driven features; a coin value feature which is a $4.99 in-app purchase; something called Making the Grade, a guide to rare coins which is a $9.99 in-app purchase.

Of course, something like this takes some real development work. In this case, Amos Press worked with Rockfish Interactive to create the app. The interactive marketing company, headquartered in Rogers, Arkansas, has created mobile apps for Sam's Club and CouponFactory (though the geolocation coupon app has not made it into the App Store quite yet).