Thursday, April 7, 2011

WoodWing announces that it will make its format open and free of charge in bid to make it standard; launches 'Open Format for Interactive Publications' website

Stating that it would like its tablet publishing format as much as a standard as the PDF format, WoodWing announced this afternoon that it will make its data format open and free of charge.

“Our mission is to serve the publishing industry,” Erik Schut, President of WoodWing Software stated in the company's press release.
As part of the announcement, WoodWing has launched a new website to promote "ofip", or "Open Format for Interactive Publications".

“Publishers will seriously benefit from standardization, as it avoids vendor lock-in and will allow to pick and choose different suppliers and technologies for the various parts of the supply chain. Both the tools to create your publication, as well as the reader apps for the various platforms can be chosen freely. Before making this decision, we have carefully analyzed the existing and upcoming standards, as well as proprietary formats. As our tablet publishing solution is currently the most mature and has the most extensive feature set, we came to the conclusion that our format is a good starting point for an open industry standard. Being XML-based, it’s easy to transform from and to other formats to allow quick and easy interoperability.”