Monday, May 9, 2011

$299.99 for an iPad app? Construction Centrics launches pricey family of applications for the construction industry

I download a great number of apps in the course of the week, deleting most of them after briefly looking at them, and maybe writing about them here. But here is one app that I really can not afford to download, Construction Superintendent – Journeyman, a three hundred dollar app just released last week into the App Store.
The app was released by Construction Centrics LLC, a company out of Chesterfield, Missouri. The company's website doesn't reveal very much about the company other than the fact that they seem to be only developing for the iPad and that they have plans for a second app, Construction Superintendent – Professional. Most of the website is under construction, not a good sign for anyone doing a little investigation of the company prior to buying (and I would guess that a $299.99 app isn't one of those impulse buys, right?).

But before one dismisses this as some sort of scam one must remember that the construction industry lends itself to high priced tools. While at McGraw-Hill a subscription to my newspaper, the Daily Pacific Builder, was always over $1500 a year thanks to the bidding information that could be found within it. Additionally, estimating and bidding software, as well as project management software has always been expensive.

So assuming that this new company's tools for the iPad are legit (and there is no way for me to test them myself) then Construction Centrics is simply the latest company to enter the technology field with project management tools for contractors — only this time for those using iPads.