Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Alligator Digital Magazines offers template app with layout ideas; another app is its own magazine

This post is a natural follow-up to the app update story concerning Hoodgrown Magazine. (You can find that one here, or scroll down.)
PhotobucketThe company that publisher Christopher English works with is Alligator Digital Magazines, a technology company out of Los Angeles. Alligator, in order to promote its business, has released a couple of apps themselves to showcase their work.

The recently released Alligator Magazine is a free download and is essentially their own in-house magazine. As you would expect, it promotes their services and capabilities, as well as offers some insights. As a news magazine it really doesn't cut it as it opens with a short news item that is dated February 9, and later has a story about the Motorola XOOM that is already outdated.

I suppose offering news items is almost de rigueur in these company produced magazines, but it probably should be avoided.

Of more interest is two items: the interview with Chris English, a client, and some of the nice layouts. The app offers both portrait and landscape layouts, of course, many of which are very nice. My complaint would be that the English interview's layout actually doesn't fit the iPad's display, bumping text right up to the edge. The Motorola XOOM article, though offering outdated information and opinion, is well done, and because it has a natural border on the pages, is a better treatment of the text.
Both the Alligator Magazine app and the previously released ALLIGATOR DIGITAL MAGAZINES app are universal. The ADM app is interesting in that it offers two different downloads within it that are samples of possible layouts.

The first is "ADM Lab template experiments" which is a 40.5MB download. The second is smaller, "ALLIGATOR MAGAZINE News and views…" which is a 13.3MB download. Both are efforts to showcase their work and to promote the company's business to possible publishing clients.

If you are looking for digital publishing solutions for the iPad (and also the iPhone/iPod touch), it would definitely be worth checking out these apps.


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