Wednesday, May 4, 2011

AOL releases iPhone app for

Sadly, I have to admit, this mobile app blows away our own app for TNM (you've downloaded it, haven't you?). But then again they have actual developers at AOL, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that this app would be more useful.
The app description calls the free app four apps in one: In addition to Autoblog, read green news with AutoblogGreen, check out new technology with Translogic, and find the Best Deal on your next car with AOL Autos.

In addition tot he blog material, the app also contains a built-in loan calculator, adding a feature that makes it more useful for mobile users. Otherwise, without the added mobile features, you would think a blog app would be better on a tablet.

Additionally, there are lots more goodies under the More tab: podcasts, for instance; as well as links to the other AOL developed mobile apps available in the App Store.

Although the app only debuted today, already there are plenty of five-star reviews inside the App Store, as well as one one-star review, most likely from whoever competes with

As of today there is no Android equivalent, though there is an app called in the Android store (the Dutch app description kind of gives it away that this isn't the same as the AOl app). But since AOL has been releasing apps for Android one would think that an app will eventually make its way into the Android Market.