Tuesday, May 17, 2011

App updates: Adobe adds progressive download feature; Hoodgrown Magazine updates its iPad app to universal

If you are a magazine publisher producing tablet editions, you know that one of the biggest challenges is keeping the file size down, or alternatively, making sure the download times are reasonable. One solution is to make your issues capable of progressive downloading – that is, the ability of the reader to start reading the tablet edition before the download is completed.

Adobe has this morning issued an update to its Adobe® Content Viewer for iPad app that adds progressive downloads to their bag of tricks:

Introducing Progressive Download Feature. This functionality allows a user to view a magazine or newspaper that is currently being downloaded. Users no longer need to wait for the entire magazine to be downloaded before reading the articles. Shortly after initiating the process of download, viewers can start reading the articles in the magazine, while remaining content continues to download in the background. – App Description

Independent publisher, and TNM reader, Christopher English has updated his app for Hoodgrown Magazine. The app is now universal, meaning that his urban music magazine can now be read on your iPhone, as well as your iPad.

English has produced five issues of Hoodgrown for the iPad and has been able to make his monthly deadlines starting with his first issue in December. The latest issue inside his newly updated app is from April – meaning that a May issue should be right around the corner (check out the comments here, I bet English will be willing to let TNM readers know when we can expect the May issue).

Hoodgrown Magazine is being published with the help of Alligator Digital Magazines (ADM), a Los Angeles based developer, which recently released its own magazine app. ADM has a promotional app in the App Store, as well.

I will be posting something on ADM's two apps later today.

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Tablazines said...

"I bet English will be willing to let TNM readers know when we can expect the May issue"

- LMAO. Of course I will. I was toying with the idea of actually skipping May and making this issue the June Issue.

My father passed on April 30th and that's what made the new issue so late.

As far as the reading experience on the iphone/ipod. I'm honestly not fond of it but so many people in the magazines demographic have asked for it and this is a way for them to get a taste of what we offer. Hopefully, they'll all upgrade to iPads and this won't even be an issue anymore. Lol.

By the way, as of the May issue.. we will begin charging for our publications. A mere 99¢ but we need to test the waters and start making "a little something" for our efforts.