Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Barnes & Noble launches 6" touch screen Nook

While still running Android 2.1, Barnes & Noble has released a new touch screen version of its Nook eReader. The company is accepting pre-orders now on its website, and promises to ship on June 10.
The device is still a monochrome E-Ink device, so the obvious comparison will be with the Kindle, Amazon's popular device. The new Nook will sell for $139, the same price as the same WiFi model Kindle.

Meanwhile, rumors continue that Amazon will launch an LCD version of its Kindle and it, too, would be driven by Android – whether that is a positive or negative is up to you, I suppose. Once again the problem will be apps written for whatever flavor of Android is used – presumable Honeycomb.

Like all tablet rumors or even announcements, we'll believe it when we see it at a retail outlet near you.