Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Domino's Pizza reports that its iPhone app and mobile optimized website has accounted for £10 million in sales; launches new mobile app into the Android Market

Mobile means big business for Domino's Pizza in the UK. The UK and Irish company, not the US one, has reported £10 million worth of business through its mobile channels.
Part of this success is through its iPhone app, Domino's, which is available only in the UK App Store. Amazingly, there is no US equivalent app.

The company said that the iPhone app has been downloaded over a half million times so far, and combined with a mobile optimized website, has accounted for just reached over £10 million in sales.
Not surprisingly, the UK company has announced that it has launched an Android version of the app which can be found in the Android Market here, where there is also a Domino's Japan app, as well (again, there is no US application).

"We’re always looking for innovative ways to allow our customers to order," Simon Wallis, sales and marketing director for Domino’s, said.

"We first launched online ordering ten years ago and, based on its phenomenal success, we were keen to capitalise on new opportunities created by mobile channels. Investing in this type of technology is now paying dividends for us, achieving pizza sales of over £10 million. With sales of Android phones reported to be up 810 per cent year on year, we’re excited about what the future holds with the launch of our new app, which will allow even more pizza lovers to order on the move.”

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Anonymous said...

Idiots! What would it take to launch a US version?

That's why they will never be number one.