Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Elevated from comments: Schwäbische Zeitung for iPad

Unfortunately Google's comments system sometimes throws a comment into TNM's spam folder, where it usually sits with tons of fake comments from the company that has been hired by Dish Network to flood bloggers with pro-Dish comments.
This morning I found, to my horror, this nice note from Patrik Staeblert, part of the team that created the Schwäbische Zeitung iPad app, which I wrote about last week Wednesday. You can read my original post here.

I've released the comment from the spam folder so it can now be found with the original story, but I thought I'd reproduce it here in a separate post in order to encourage other media pros to download and take a look at their tablet edition.

Here is the comment, with a few minor edits (I left the original comment unchanged on the post):

Dear Douglas,

I stumbled across your post the other day and to be honest: I was quite surprised that somebody on the other side of the globe is taking interest in our App (I am one the guys in the picture happily holding his iPad).

But what even surprised me more was your blog entry, as you totally got the intention of our app - although you don't speak German. That is: We want to offer our readers an easy-to-handle app with regional news that is not simply a pdf of our newspaper, but a separate product.

Just two quick notes: Firstly, you are totally right with your supposition, that the appearance of our app in the App Store caught us somehow by surprise. But the day after that, we started with our daily edition. Secondly, you write that our edition is 28 pages in size, which is only half the truth.

The thing is: Our edition actually contains two parts: On the one hand we have the most important international, national as well as those regional news, that we believe are of interest in our whole distribution area (roughly 25-30 articles). On the other hand though, our app also contains a lot more local news, which might not have appeared on your iPad. The reason for that is that it is 'news-on-demand', so to speak. Because in our app, you find a menu, where you can individually choose, which towns and villages in our distribution area are of interest to you (there are more than 40 categories). And after that, you get all the news from these areas on your iPad in addition to the first mentioned articles. So for example, the app of yesterday contained an overall of 150 articles - if you choose to read all categories. Anyway, cheers for your commendation (at least I received it that way).

If you have any further questions or suggestions, fell free to write me an email.

Patrik Staeblert
If you would like to contact the author to learn more about their app, you can find his email address in the original post's comments area (I don't want to post here it here out of fear it will get picked up by spammers.)

Staeblert is right that I missed the additional news that was contained in the app – and he is also right about my lack of German! That probably caused me to miss the content.

Thank you again to the author for the feedback.