Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The essential news app: Rapture Detector promises to give users 30 minute head start on the competition

It is a sad fact that God does not issue press releases, a reason why there is so little good religion news in modern newspapers. But fear not: a developer has just released an app that can help.
Dubbed Rapture_Detector_1.0, the 99 cent app promises to give you a heads-up 30 minutes before the rapture – very useful for those editors in charge of their news site's content. At 99 cents this app seems like a bargain, but then again it can only be used once.

The app also comes Android and Windows Phone 7 versions, thank God.

"Partying and wild living can be yours again with Reverend Billy Joe Estes, Holy Manifestation House of Worship Rapture Detector," the app description states.

Looks like a winner to me. But since I will be one of those "left behind", I am sure I will be condemned to watching reruns of the rapture each night on TNT when they substitute it for Bones.