Thursday, May 5, 2011

Morning Brief: The Telegraph launches new paid tablet edition; Apple iOS update a load of trouble for some users

If you downloaded the iPad from the The Telegraph a few months ago I would hang onto that app if I were you, it is now a collector's item. This morning The Telegraph launched a brand new iPad app that requires users to either buy single copies, a paid subscription, or else log-in using their print subscription information.
I've downloaded the new app and will have a full report later this morning.

The old app, which was free and gave readers free access to the content, still works as of this morning, presumably because it was RSS driven and those feeds still work. The old app was along the lines of the NYT Editor's Choice app: limited content, in a rather native layout, boring but effective.

The new app, of course, touts "greater depth of content", but is really the result of the fact that many publishers are realizing that listening to their digital people and using the web as the model is a very bad idea. More on that later.

Have you updated your iOS device to 4.3.3? If not you may be in for a bad surprise.

Back-up times for some devices are taking ridiculously long times, and sometimes freezing altogether. I don't know if this is the result of encryption or a bug, but some uses are not going to be happy about this update.

Later update: now I can no longer sync my iPad at all. Look for another update real soon. I'm being forced to do a complete restore, which I find to be a pain because it will take close to an hour to complete, though I will admit that Apple makes this all pretty easy.