Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Morning Brief: Time Inc. start rolling out app updates for its magazines; how to dress for the Supreme Court

Time Inc. began rolling out app updates for its magazine titles, adding the ability of current print subscribers to sign-in to their accounts in order to access the tablet editions free of charge.
As you can see here with the screenshot, the Sports Illustrated Magazine received an update last night. The reaction from iPad owners has so far been positive: "Thanks for listening, SI. I hope other magazines follow your lead," wrote one reviewer in the App Store. The reviewer, Pebav, then proceeded to give the new app a one-star rating. Sometimes you just can't win.

Time Inc. also updated their apps yesterday for TIME Magazine and FORTUNE Magazine, as well. The Fortune app gives readers a free issue with the download, giving me a chance to look at it for the first time later today.

Giant fans hoping for a repeat of last year's World Series are already resigning themselves to another disappointing season as the team current can't hit the broad side of a barn.

Yesterday, before losing yet again to the Nats, some members of the team visited the Supreme Court. Seen here at left is closer Brian Wilson, who dressed appropriately for the occasion.

I took the screen capture on my iPad as I was using the MLB.TV app of a game being broadcast by Comcast Bay Area. At first I just took it for myself, then realized that there is a lesson here somewhere for media folk – something about how their products will be accessed and copied in new ways thanks to the new digital platforms.

As for Brian Wilson, he might as well stay dressed in jeans since it is doubtful he will get much work this year thanks to the poor hitting Giants.


Anonymous said...

Wilson is 2nd in the NL in saves despite team's slow start. Brilliant observation, pal.

Douglas Hebbard said...

Losing certainly effects the sense of humor, huh?