Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Morning Brief: WoodWing adds Newsfeed Publisher to Content Station; TweetDeck goes to Twitter for $40 million

Digital publishing solutions provider WoodWing has announced a series of upgrades to its digital publishing solutions palette, including Newsfeed Publisher (see screenshot below) which allows publishers to integrate feeds into their iPad digital publications.
WoodWing also announced that it has released iPad Reader App 2.0 which brings support for hotspots on hotspots.

"Hotspots on hotspots is going to be a big thing,” Erik Schut, President of WoodWing Software, said in the company's announcement. “Ever since designers started to use our nested interactivity, we have had requests for hotspots on hotspots. The problem has been how to offer a creation UI for this that is still easy to use. We’re very proud how we have implemented this in Enterprise 7.4 in a way that allows us to open the door to the next level of interactivity. And it’s all under total control by the designer without the need for coding."

Last night CNN reported that Twitter has acquired TweetDeck for $40 million. The long rumored purchase finally has finalized yesterday.

The race to turn the iPad into a full fledged cash register is on. Yesterday I was looking at ShopKeep.com, a company that currently offers register services for the Mac and PC but will soon be offering an iPad solution, as well.

The NYT, however, wrote yesterday about another company, Square Inc., that is already launching mobile payment solutions through iOS devices. The company launched their own apps into the App Store, Square, which when combined with a free card reader that the company will send you, allows you to begin accepting credit card payments. The fees are 2.75 percent when using the card reader, 3.5 percent when you are forced to enter the numbers manually.

While these products are interesting, retailers will be looking at whether these new vendors offer a complete package of POS services as they are already squeezed by costs associated with register sales, inventory, etc.