Monday, May 16, 2011

Moving Media+ launches new version of its Mag+ Review iPad app; digital publishing system spun out by Bonnier

The digital publishing system Mag+, recently spun out of the Swedish media firm Bonnier into its own company, Moving Media+ AB, has released a new version of its Mag+ app for the iPad.
The new app, Mag+ Review, is a free download in the App Store, and is meant to replace the previous version which users installed themselves.

If you have been playing around with the new digital publishing system then you will want to update this app, asap. If you are unfamiliar with the Mag+ system then here is a brief description:

The Mag+ system centers around a plug-in for InDesign that allows you to build digital publications for the iPad. The plug-in based system works with the Mag+ Reviewer app by exporting the InDesign work to the app for displaying on your iPad.

Unlike the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite which costs a fortune to get started, the Mag+ system is free at the start. The user downloads the required software and gets started. But the costs get heavy on the backend: $2500 for a branded app, good for only five months, followed by a $500 per issue charge, or $500 per month for unlimited publishing.

If you were publishing multiple magazines or books each month using the system the cost could be spread enough to make it very reasonable. But for the individual title or unfunded start-up the costs could be tough to swallow. The advantage of the system, obviously, is that it is InDesign based, making it easy for many art directors to begin producing tablet editions.

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