Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NYT updates its iPhone app to add AirPlay support

The decision to launch its metered paywall, and to price access to its iPad application at a premium has left the newspaper more dependent on its mobile apps. Today its iPhone app finally got an update that brings AirPlay support for streaming video between the iPhone and Apple TV box sets.
The update to NYTimes also adds some text customization ability to the iPhone app, as well as the addition of AirPlay support.

The app has evolved slowly since it was first launched in July of 2008. Over the years the app has added content and occasionally tweaked its look.

Overall, however, the New York Times Company has not become a major app developer. As of today, the NYT only has one iPad application under its name in the App Store, the same conservative looking app first launched one year ago. Additionally, the NYT has not embraced mobile app development either. NYTimes The Scoop, which showed promise when it was first launched in June of last year is a rare example of the company embracing app development. As a result, the Times has become more a symbol of the industry's lack of New Media savvy rather than as a development leader.