Thursday, May 26, 2011

Slow posting ahead; in the meantime, what do you know about PadCMS, used to create the iPad edition of Rue89?

On the road most of today, so posting is difficult. But one app I will be writing about tomorrow (I hope) is this new one from Rue89, a French news site created by former editors from Libération.
The free iPad app, Rue89 avec les doigts, was creating using PadCMS. That new Parisian company has a rather spartan website that doesn't give you a whole lot of information about their service, and what is there is not that encouraging:

PadCMS allows the display of a simple PDF, sure, but it also allows the publication of new generation digital magazines, including, for example, Interactive Games, Videos, Sounds or any other media present in the "Rich Magazines".
But Rue89 avec les doigts (Rue89 with fingers) is not just a PDF at all. The app contains an opening animation, and layouts with floating text boxes generally seen in tablet editions made using Adobe or WoodWing tools.

Check it out, and if your French is better than mine maybe you can tell us more about PadCMS and what they have to offer.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah... I'm getting into the replica business. Pay me $3000 to create a replica.. lol

I'm leaving out my usual company name for Obvious reasons.. lol

Yann Guégan said...

I hope you will find some time to test our app, currently the most downloaded on on the french App Store :-)

Yann Guégan, journalist at Rue89