Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Traffiq Media Calculator purports to assist media buyers, though it may end up confusing them in the end

I had to download this app, TRAFFIQ Media Calculator, a iOS and Android app that says it was designed to assist media buyers in their digital media planning.
Unfortunately, as you can see in the screenshot at right, the app is more an embarrassment than a useful tool. Yes, the app really does say "Caculator" within the app, though the word is spelled correctly elsewhere.

I downloaded the app then had someone I know try it out – they are in the digital media sales business. They, too, was impressed that someone had come out with a digital media buying tool. They quickly calculated a simple media buy then moved on to the KPI tab. There they tried to calculate the number of impressions they would need to achieve certain campaign goals. It was there that they stopped in their tracks.

The calculations were correct, but they were not converted. That is, the math was right, but the developer failed to understand that a CPM calculation would have to convert the final results to thousands. In the case, the answer was 11,111 impressions, but it should have then been multiplied again to get to the final answer of 11 million impressions, not 11 thousand.

In the end, the sales executive's evaluation was that if you are truly a media professional you should probably stick to your old methods of calculating digital ad campaigns. In the meantime, maybe the developer here will bring on a proofreader.


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Anonymous said...

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