Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Apple's big surprise at WWDC may simply be that it is finally getting the importance of social networking

For large tech firms like Microsoft, Google and Apple, the rise of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have caught them a bit by surprise. Apple's Ping, for instance, was an almost desperate attempt to get in the ballgame, if only on a limited basis. I'm still searching for someone who utilizes the feature (I'm there, somewhere).

Now various sites are talking about what we might expect at WWDC with the roll out of Lion and iOS5. 9to5Mac has posted several stories that take the musings of other sources and tried to bring them together. The gest of it is that it looks like Apple will be integrating Twitter in "a system-level service" (to use the words of John Gruber) which would allow users to Tweet from any app.

This video, below, was posted on Twitter's YouTube Channel, and as one commenter said "a lot of iPhones in here...mmm..this looks like a partnership for iOS5 to me." Me, too.