Friday, June 3, 2011

Assouline Publishing released tablet app version of its soon to be published luxury book 'Coca-Cola'

You are about to experience a visual journey of Coca-Cola imagery from around the globe, that spans 125 years of people refreshing and connecting with Coca-Cola. – Assouline Inc.'s introduction to its Coca-Cola iPad book app.

Luxury illustrated book publisher Assouline has released an iPad app that is sort of a companion piece to its coffee table book Coca-Cola, which has not yet been released (although the company's website says it was supposed to be available in May).
In many ways, the iPad app, Coca-Cola, which costs $4.99 is a smart promotional piece for the printed book which the publisher has priced at $65 (it can be pre-ordered at a discount on But in keeping with the publisher's luxury theme, a special limited edition of the book is available of $650, seriously. (Maybe they could have done a special limited edition of the iPad that ran Flash.)

The app, of course, has the multimedia material including video ads, animation, you won't find in the 208 page printed version, though you won't get "a complimentary ASSOULINE canvas tote bag" like you would if you paid $650 for the limited printed edition. Oh well.

The book and its tablet edition are meant to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Coca-Cola's founding. Unfortunately, the tablet edition is geared towards the fun side of things rather than a serious look at the company's history. In this way, it truly is a coffee table app (and in this regard, it's a good one).

(It's history is pretty interesting, having started as a coca wine drink, then as a medicinal drink, before finally becoming a national iconic drink associated with all things American. For a historical look at Coca-Cola you might try the book by Mark Pendergrast: For God, Country, and Coca-Cola: The Definitive History of the Great American Soft Drink and the Company That Makes It.)

The app is probably best viewed in landscape, though portrait will work in a pinch. The app has some pretty good reviews from users inside the App Store, though I think some users are a bit confused by the way portrait mode works for them – many of the photos don't work as well.

For Assouline Publishing, this is their first iPad book app, so their developers may getting the hang of things. As for the company itself, the company that was founded in Paris, and is now headquartered in NYC, usually is associated with all things upper crusty. The new effort seems like a step in a more populist direction.

Here is the company's promotional video for their Coca-Cola iPad book app: