Thursday, June 2, 2011

Build a native app, get some promotion from Apple: Chronicle finds its new app features in the App Store

So much talk from media writers about why publishers should avoid Apple's App Store has centered on the percentage of any transaction Apple takes. As a result, many have been hesitant to launch apps, while others have made the doubly poor choice of then launching replica editions, choosing to pay vendors to produce app no one will read rather than risk giving Apple 30 percent of a decent product.
Of course, by not being inside the App Store – or the Android Market, for that matter – you are just not in the ballgame, which is an OK decision as long as you have made a logical choice not to be there. TNM, for instance, has not launched an iPad app simply because it would be just an extension of this site. But you can be sure that we're thinking very hard about other iOS launches right now.

So I have been especially hard on major newspaper publishers who have been late to the App Store with tablet offerings. Where, I wondered, has The San Francisco Chronicle been, for instance?

But the Chron released its first tablet edition this week and guess what? Apple has it prominently displayed on its first page, as you can see above.

Call it positive reinforcement from the owner of the store. Publishers may not like it, but then again with publishers outsourcing their circulation services and so much else of their businesses I continue to find it strange that they should be concerned with the tech giants role in their New Media world.