Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chromebooks now available through and Best Buy from Samsung and Acer

If it doesn't bother you that you will be sharing all your work and information with Google you will be happy to know that Chromebooks from Samsung and Acer are now available through and Best Buy.
Chromebooks are essentially tablets in the guise of a notebook. They run Google's OS and feature instant-on and long battery life like a tablet. For those who are very comfortable with a laptop, and very uncomfortable with multitouch navigation and virtual keyboards, a Chromebook might just be the perfect device.

A Chromebook tethers the user to Google in some pretty creepy ways: the device keeps apps and files "in the cloud", which, of course, means connectivity is vital. Both Samsung and Acer are offering WiFi and 3G models through Verizon (Acer's model is only available as a pre-order right now) with prices as low as $317.52 on Amazon for the Samsung WiFi-only model, up to $499.99 for the Samsung 3G model.

With so many computer owners admitting that just about all they do on their computers is surf the web, a Chromebook should work for them, and probably continue the trend of killing off Windows based netbooks. And since Apple has no interest in building a laptop significantly below the $1000 level, Google should face little real competition in this category for a while.

It will be interesting to see if customers who walk into Best Buy and say "I need a new computer, but all I really want is the Internet" are directed towards Chromebooks, or tablets.