Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dutch indy tablet magazine, IMAGZIN, talks about tech, design, tablets, in a natively designed preview edition

The app description is pretty minimal, and there is only one screenshot, but since it was free I decided to download and take this new Dutch indy magazine app for a spin: IMAGZINE Preview, from Wouter Schröder of The Netherlands. (Yes, the name of the app is misspelled!)
First released into the App Store this morning, IMAGZIN is an indy magazine of sorts from the same person behind the tech news aggregation site of the same name. Assuming you use Chrome and have Google translate the pages, you will find that the website grabs stories from here and there to populate its content.

As for the app edition, it is both free to download, at 343 MB, contains all the content within the app. Presumably if the publisher wants to continue with this he will have to either release individual apps for each edition or else launch a new app that will create a library to hold future issues.

Based on what little I could find out about the publisher, it would appear that Schröder is using the Adobe Digital Publishing suite to create this tablet edition. The layouts are in both portrait and landscape and the navigation is easy and well done.
Unfortunately, that is about all I could tell you about this new tablet edition simply because as of now there are no translation mechanism built within the iPad, and none of the stories contained in magazine are credited. In fact, there are no credits inside this magazine at all.

The app's approval may have caught the publisher by surprise because the cover says the website address is www.imagzin.nl, but that site URL has not been activated as of yet. I wouldn't be surprised if Schröder is not using this new app as a calling card for future activities.

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Wouter said...


Thanks for the 1st review of our preview issue of IMAGZIN.

The url imagzin.nl is now active and redirects to a Dutch language News Blog on www.caraivas.com (Company URL)

Both the blog and the magazine are still in live beta testing, so any feedback, tips and advice are more than welcome!

Wouter Schröder