Thursday, June 9, 2011

étapes redesigns its English language print magazine into a free, natively developed iPad edition

The French design website étapes has launched an iPad app edition of its monthly English language magazine. Etapes magazine is a free app which also currently gives readers free access to the content, as well.
The app is a natively designed iOS app for the iPad which is designed exclusively in landscape, but because of the amount of photography and animation found within still weighs in at 440MB. It can be found under the Lifestyle category in the App Store.

The app does not create a library, so either an updated app will have to be released for this, or else the publisher will choose to launch separate apps for each edition published.

As separate print edition of the quarterly magazine can be found in the Zinio digital newsstand, as well, for the rather odd price of $36.19 for four issues.

This new app is the third to be released by the publisher: Etapes HD is a French language app of the design site's daily news, and Open Projects, which is $7.99 book app and describes itself as "a stroll to the heart of contemporary design, from Amsterdam to Montreal."

To illustrate the cover and uniquely designed TOC, as well as the animation, here is a short video look at the app: