Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Google adds voice search feature to its Chrome browser; voice search is fun, but remains hit or miss

Have you tried Google's new voice search feature? It is available only if you use Google's own Chrome browser, of course, but that is my "work" browser of choice because of its built-in translation feature.
Assuming your search is simple, say something like "New York weather", the feature works like a charm.

Try something a little more obscure, well, like all voice features it returns pretty silly results.

After doing a couple simple searches I tried something more unique: "Albigensian Crusade", a topic of special fascination for me. Google returned very strange results. So I modified the search: "Cathars Albigensian Crusade", it returned "katharsis alba jessica say", whatever that is supposed to mean.

Oh well, we're still not there yet, clearly. Can Apple, with its partner Nuance doing better than this? (See this story for background.)